The Mormon Archipelago

By: J. Stapley - January 25, 2005

As you may have noticed, there are some changes around. I’m very pleased to announce the birth of the Mormon Archipelago. (more…)

Knowledge of the Father and the Son

By: Steve H - January 21, 2005

Alma 7 seems to me to make a differnece between the omniscience of the father through the spirit and a special kind of knowledge that the son has through the atonement: (more…)

The Ethics of Blogging

By: Steve H - January 21, 2005

There are those who fear the blog. I know a numberof people who feel that blogs that discuss doctrinal issues are useless if not risky or even dangerous. I am aware that noone reading this is likely to feel this way, but I wonder if we consider the ethical implications of our words. (more…)

Guest Blogger: Stephen Hancock

By: J. Stapley - January 20, 2005

I am stoked to announce Splendid Sun’s first guest blogger. Please welcome Steve Hancock. (more…)

The Changing Practice of Invoking the Lord’s Name

By: J. Stapley - January 14, 2005

In Mormon locution, closing a discourse with the phrase, “in the name of Jesus Christ, amen”, or a variation thereof, is standard practice. However, this practice, as currently employed, is a relatively recent innovation in the Mormon tradition. After having my interest piqued while reading a post on LDS-Phil, I took my down-time on this most recent business trip, and researched the history (1852 to 1970) of this now ubiquitous phrase.

Dissertation: NGOs and Terrorism (and Mormonism)

By: J. Stapley - January 12, 2005

My brother Craig recently defended his doctoral thesis. He has authored a work that I speculate will have a grand effect on world dynamics…seriously. It is entitled:

NGOs in the Crosshairs: Non-Governmental Organizations and the Terrorist Threat