Foreknowledge, Power, and Love: Part II, Love

By: Steve H - March 23, 2005

Well, the first of these was received in interesting ways. Anyway, here goes again. I said last time that there were three things I thought it was essential God have for us to have faith in him: Foreknowledge, Power, and Love. I’d like to move on now, to discuss love because I think it is the most essential of the three. (more…)

Guest Post: Specialness

By: Splendid Sun - March 18, 2005

This post was written by John Mansfield. John is a regular in the nacle and has contributed greatly to the tenor here at Splendid Sun. Enjoy.

President Hinckley has changed the place of temple worship in the lives of the Saints in the most profound manner since the creation of the Hawaii temple. In late 1997, he announced plans for the Church to increase its temples from fifty to over a hundred to usher in the coming millennium. There are now 119. This radical increase was accomplished by paring the structure of the temple down to the functional minimum. An inevitable consequence of this change in the number and size of temples is that the temple is no longer a special place in the way it was previously; it is a more common and ordinary part of our lives now. (more…)

10 Years Later – the Music of Exile

By: J. Stapley - March 17, 2005

Splendid Sun is a decade old. As I looked back this week on the music that I produced 10 years ago, I realized something that I didn’t then – this music is Mormon. I tended to write a lot about change (read repentance) and being outside because of it. I think that these ideas play into the overall theme of Exile. Without making a complete tool out of myself by attempting to do something I have not the training to do, I will simply say that I believe that the idea of Exile is at the core of what it means to be Mormon. (more…)

The Americas: Still a Land of Promise?

By: Steve H - March 15, 2005

The Book of Mormon seems to present the idea that the Americas have been saved as a special place. Specifically, it was a place whre the conditions were created under which the gospel could be restored and could flourish. For a while the saints were accordingly asked to gather here. But the saints are no longer asked to migrate. (more…)

Foreknowledge, Power and Love: Part I

By: Steve H - March 14, 2005

I promised I would post on this, so here goes. It seems like the hot doctrinal topic for bloggin right now is foreknowledge. I won’t list all of the posts on it because it seems so many have touched on it. In his book on the topic, Blake Ostler opines that while foreknowledge would be neat, it isn’t necessary for faith in God. I would like to set down here my 2cents’ worth on why I feel foreknoweldge is one of three essential traits that allow us to have faith in God. (The other 2, as my title implies, are power and love.) (more…)


By: J. Stapley - March 14, 2005

In a continued effort to bring a satisfying blogging experience, we have been making some changes. Paramount is the comment area. At the instigation of Kaimi I added a decent Spam barrier and you no longer need to type a key. Note the live preview of your comments and the added formatting button (other HTML works as well). We have also shamelessly followed Dave’s lead and added a comment policy (because I am a complete follower). I also added a bio for Steve. Looks like we may keep him.

Patriarchal Blessings and the Foreknowledge of God

By: J. Stapley - March 10, 2005

I received my Patriarchal Blessing just before I turned eighteen. It was truly a powerful experience and I will forever cherish it. Such wide spread dissemination of prophecy is rather unique to the Mormon Church (I believe). This prophetic distribution is a strength to the members, but it also raises many interesting issues. (more…)


By: J. Stapley - March 09, 2005

General Conference is the time for mission reunions. Everyone seems to make their pilgrimage to SLC and for at least the first six to eight months after the mission we gather at sundry locations. We gather to show off our post-mission wares, our significant others and to share in communal post mission neuroses. I made it to two, then the season passed (as did my neuroses (at least I think they did)). Now, I have not yet attended one of the infamous Bloggersnackers (to my regret); however, if I were to prophecy, I might say that General Conference may again herald the reunification of neurotics…it may signal semiannual Bloggersnackers. (more…)

Nicodemus, Moses, and the Presidents Smith

By: J. Stapley - March 09, 2005

One of the evanescent institutions of graduate school was Man-Books. Man-Books was intended to be a weekly gathering of three people (Steve, Josh – my devout Catholic friend – and myself) where we would delve into sundry texts and be edified. We met once (it was time that lacked more than volition). On that singular meeting at the tri-chi we delved into the pseudepigraphal Gospel of Nicodemus. It was not until a couple months ago that several aspects of this book came flooding back. (more…)


By: J. Stapley - March 03, 2005

So, you’ve been wondering what the heck the Mormon Archipelago is. Behold!

Note the sweet search feature. We hope that this is useful and would appreciate any feedback on improving it. Cheers.

Salvifici Doloris

By: J. Stapley - March 02, 2005

The Holy Father’s recent malady follows a theme that has flowed throughout his tenure: Suffering is salvific. While we Mormons are not too fond of flagellation, we have our own traditions that extol suffering. And while I am cognisant of how my own suffering has infused me with a measure of wisdom and compassion, this doctrine leads to a place where I am not sure that I am willing to go. (more…)