Seigneur des Arm

By: J. Stapley - May 30, 2005

I served a mission in France and Belgium and it was there that I began to understand the consequences of war. It was there that I first saw in innumerable rows of white. Verdun, her rolling hills capped with a chapel to the dead. The windows that let you gaze upon the anonymous bones. The neighboring city that was no more – only a memorial chapel and pock marks instead of pedestrians. Calais with her white cliffs. The bunkers remained. (more…)

Metrodoxy: Habits of Successful Heterodoxy

By: J. Stapley - May 30, 2005

There is a persistent meme in the bloggernacle that chronicles the social dysfunction of the heterodox within the church. I, myself, am rather heterodox; however, I seem to enjoy full fellowship in the kingdom. So gather ‘round. The time has come to share three simple rules, that you too can enjoy the fullness of our community. (Streaming audio training seminars are $25.00 and come with free Ginsu knife!) (more…)

Vote for Bush!

By: Steve H - May 16, 2005

This post is not making a political statement. I want to address the recent hubub (I can’t find a headline right now. If you have one, I’d be glad to have one here, but I don’t even know what search terms I’d use.) about the church where the pastor told everyone they had to vote for Bush. Eventually, he created enough pressure that the members voted out members who openly opposed him on this. (more…)

A Father Heart?

By: Steve H - May 09, 2005

It’s Mother’s Day, and this Mother’s Day, I’m very thankful for my wife. My question, however, has as much or more to do with fathers. I want to know if there is a male equivalent to the mother heart. (more…)

Heber J. Grant on Politics

By: J. Stapley - May 08, 2005

While preparing for some previous posts, I stumbled across several statements by Heber J. Grant that were noteworthy. Heber was self-declared member of the Democratic party. As President of the Church he endorsed government policies, but decried politics. The following is a selection of his lamentations on the subject during General Conference. (more…)