Baby Blessings: at Home or at Church?

By: J. Stapley - June 28, 2005

One of the many ordinances performed in the Church is the blessing of babies. Like many of our practices, this has evolved throughout Church history. Early records indicate that there has been debate over blessing babies in the home. Moreover, there was a long tradition for babies to be blessed, in the home, eight days after birth that no longer seems part of our praxis. The following is the relevant council on the topic. (more…)

Circumcision Envy

By: Steve H - June 20, 2005

It’s a boy! The ultrasound results are in, and they were quite conclusive. We’re happy, still this one means difficulties we didn’t encounter with our girl. For instance, we don’t agree as readily on boy names. The big question, however, has to do with the anatomical differences that were so apparent. What do we do with that little part of the difference that so many discard? (more…)

New Skins

By: J. Stapley - June 13, 2005

Decided to tweak the layout. What say you? Should we revert? Should we keep it but change it?

Dead Laws

By: Steve H - June 11, 2005

Over at New Cool Thang, Geoff posted recently on commandments as Dumbo feathers. I’d like to offer another way of looking at this idea. When I learn the principle behind a law, perhaps that law becomes a dead law–but still one we should keep. (more…)

The First White Handbook

By: J. Stapley - June 06, 2005

As a missionary, I consistently carried and read from the “White Handbook”. To my knowledge this is still standard practice. I’m not sure when it was first introduced; however, I believe that the grand progenitor of our current missionary code is The Elders’ Reference, a 64 page book published in 1913. (more…)

Cassandra: the Gift Too Great to be Borne

By: J. Stapley - June 01, 2005

It was after reading some of my posts on the Gifts of the Spirit that someone close to me sent a bittersweet email. The email spoke about my grandmother. I am the youngest of a youngest and never had the opportunity to know her. Stories remain and I assemble the narrative that my siblings experienced. You see, my grandmother was given the gift of prescience. A prophetess. And she loathed it. (more…)