The Signs of the Times

By: J. Stapley - August 23, 2005

Signs of the Times, by Joseph Fielding SmithIn between October 14, 1942 and November 18, 1942, Joseph Fielding Smith gave a series of six talks sponsored by the Sisters of the Lion House Social Center. Only the first discourse was delivered at the Lion house. Attendance was so great that the subsequent events were held at Barratt Hall. In response to popular demand, Elder Smith supplemented his notes and published them with Press of Zion Printing Co. as The Signs of the Times.

The book is a gem and deserves an investigation by any serious scholar of Mormon eschatology. The remarks of this post will focus on Mormon beliefs concerning the restoration of the Jews to Palestine. (more…)


By: J. Stapley - August 04, 2005

Today, I break with the traditional content of Splendid Sun and offer a brief note on the subjunctive form in the English language. If we are blogging, we are, in some measure, writers. And while some argue that the subjunctive form has passed away, I proclaim that it is not dead, nor doth it sleep. (more…)

Priesthood Curricula

By: J. Stapley - August 02, 2005

In recent years, both the Priesthood and Relief Society have used lesson manuals and outlines prepared by Church committee. Centralized study programs were first introduced to the Church in 1908; before this time, individual quorums organized study regimens for themselves. This post will outline some of the transition history and delineate the books used for study from 1908 to 1950. (more…)

Dedicating Graves: a Brief History

By: J. Stapley - August 02, 2005

This weekend I attended the grave-side service for my aunt. It was an emotional and spiritual event that I am grateful to have attended. The service was consistent with standard church practice, including the dedication of the grave. Like many practices in our church, the dedication of graves has evolved over time. This post will highlight the cogent information that I was able to gather on the subject. (more…)