Zion and the Coming of the Lord

By: J. Stapley - October 07, 2005

There is a tension in Mormonism between our pragmatism and our Millenarianism. Every Saint in this dispensation has wondered if they would live to see the great and terrible day. Most believed they would, only to be corrected by death’s disappointment. Kirtland. Independence. Nauvoo. Salt Lake City. The Mexican Colonies. Each held their promise of fulfilling one of the great precursors of the Lords return: Zion. Not simply the pure in heart of which we now frequently speak, but the institution that so many of our people died for – the community of God. (more…)

Conference Kudos

By: Steve H - October 05, 2005

Watching conference there were several things that really impressed me. I wanted to just list a few of them. So without further delay, here is my list of grand things people did or said in conference: (more…)