Polio, Pertussis, and Free Riders

By: Chris - February 17, 2006

Recently, the health department and schools in the area have sent out notices that pertussis has been identified in our county. Pertussis, better known as whooping cough, is caused by the bacterium Bordetella pertussis. While it often mimics the symptoms of a cold, it is highly communicable and especially dangerous to children. There have been documented deaths related to this outbreak. Children receive an inoculation against pertussis in conjunction with tetanus and diphtheria. (more…)

Home Schooling Equals Social Retardation?

By: Craig - February 08, 2006

Recently, a member of my wife’s family took their son out of school in order to home school. Their reasons were perfectly valid…they were in a district in Utah that was so stressed that their son’s needs were not being met. He has medically documented needs, but the teacher was so stretched that she could not see to them. As my sister-in-law was signing the documents, the teacher said, “I can’t help but think this was all my fault.” She was right and yet there are other factors as well. Utah ranks the lowest of all states in per pupil spending: $4,331.00 compared to the national average of $6,835.00.[1] The national teacher/pupil ratio average is 15.9, but Utah’s is 22.4.[2] Finally, the average teacher pay in Utah is $38,268.00, while the national average is $45,771.00.[3] Especially given the concentration of church members in Utah, I think I can safely say shame on Utah for its failures in something that the church has emphasized as important for all its members. (more…)