The mutability of doctrine

By: J. Stapley - April 24, 2006

Church doctrine changes. Period. Some people get in a huff about this. I think that this is, perhaps, the result of a constrained perspective. The Church hierarchy, by common consent, has three divine mandates: to receive revelations for the body of the Church, to govern the Church (i.e., the rights of presidency), and to administer priesthood ordinances (baptism, sacrament, bestowal of the Holy Ghost, Temple). These three things don’t preclude changing doctrine. (more…)

Grade Inflation: The final Chapter

By: Craig - April 23, 2006

Perhaps I have beaten this subject to death. But I have one final rant about the students. That problem is that students dont read anymore. There, i said it. I have had functionally illiterate students in class (I mean besides the athletes). Why are illiterate people in college? They have been passed on through non-functioning school systems. Don’t yell at me about people with learning disabilities. I know, I know. I provide every opportunity for disabled students. But there are plenty who just can’t read. (more…)

Grade Inflation: Part II

By: Craig - April 23, 2006

Okay, I have to admit, maybe alot of the problem is my fault. You see, I confuse students. They have been brain-washed to think that that need to crawl inside my brain and answer as they think I would. Doing that with me is virtually impossible, and usually the wrong answer to boot. (more…)

The ordinances as experienced by Joseph C. Kingsbury

By: J. Stapley - April 19, 2006

As discussed previously here at Splendid Sun, there is a dynamism in the administration of Temple ordinances. A fascinating example of this is recounted by Joseph C. Kingsbury. The following is the outline of his experience as presented in his diary (1): (more…)

Grade Inflation and High Expectations, Part I

By: Craig - April 14, 2006

Well, the results came back from the second exam, and the results were less than stellar. I expected the first exam to have a low average (66%–I write the first exam a little harder to motivate the students), but on the second, they sunk to new lows (64%). As soon as the scores were posted, I was inundated with furious e-mails and catclls from the back row. “I am a Junior and I have never gotten lower than an A” and the ever favorite “I came to every class and still only got a C”. When I asked the students who were vociferous in their condemnation to come see me during my office hours so we could go over their exams and their notes they usually declined. “I don’t take notes, thats why I come to class” and again the “You go too fast, I can’t take notes quickly enough…you should give us outlines”. (more…)

Born in the covenant

By: J. Stapley - April 11, 2006

We live in an age of equity. It is not surprising that concepts of birthright and inheritance in the Old Testament are incongruous with our enlightened existence. Perhaps, in light of Joseph Smiths temple theology, a connection can be drawn between them and us, though attenuated with time. (more…)

Up with censorship!

By: Steve H - April 10, 2006

OK, I realize a post on censorship is nothing new. And yet, I’m continually bugged by the sanctimonious railing against it as if it were always evil, and the worst of evils. The fact is, our current bias against it is a product of culture. (more…)