Defending Pres. Kimball on inter-racial marriage

By: Steve H - May 29, 2006

To President Spencer W. Kimball came the burden of teaching a practice that was bound to be seen in retrospect by many as racist. He, and the brethren of the day following him, taught that inter-racial marriage was not a good idea–not that it was sinful, but that it should be discouraged. I just got done reading Franz Fanon’s Black Skin: White Masks, and several of his points have convinced me that only a mix of our Jane Austin inspired notion of romance’s primacy and current political expediency have brought so many to see this as an issue of racism. (more…)

PEC, BYD, Is the Church becoming an alphabetocracy?

By: Craig - May 15, 2006

After a hiatus of not being well connected, I was recently called to serve in a bishopric. I was amazed. After all, it had been less than 5 years since my last stint, but boy had things changed. I was familiar with PEC (priesthood executive committee), but there were new phenomena designated by letters with which I was not so familiar. (more…)

Elder’s Quorum Movers and Funeral Potatoes

By: Craig - May 01, 2006
I must admit to being a little bit bitter. For three years I was an Elder’s Quorum President under a bishop who felt it was the primary responsibility of the Elder’s quorum to act as the moving company for every Tom, Dick and Harry who moves across the city or the world. (more…)