The plunder of precious things

By: J. Stapley - June 20, 2006

A long time couple in our ward is going through a major transition. The husband was recently put in fulltime care as, after a lifetime of love and service, his mind is broken. The wife is now alone with the mental burden that her beloved is in the hands of others. The house, well used for two and a half decades, will soon be on the market. One of the things that must go is the books. (more…)

To be called on a mission

By: J. Stapley - June 05, 2006

The call and preparation of a missionary is a litany in contemporary Mormonism. The young man approaching 19, or young woman at 21, fills the requisite application and medical papers. Interviews with the Bishop and Stake President. Waits for the mail and the manila envelope. The MTC. As inculcated as this process is, it is only a generation old. The experiences of our 19th century counterparts prove an informative and inspiring counterpoint. (more…)