Media Bias

By: Steve H - October 29, 2006

I‘ve never been someone that had a real sympathy with theories of media bias. I thought that they sort of ripped apart whomever. Two recent experiences have changed my mind. (more…)

72 hours

By: Steve H - October 23, 2006

Recently, if you missed it, there was a pretty major earthquake in Hawaii. It didn’t hit Oahu hard, and could have been worse even on the big island. It did, however, knock out power for almost 24 hours, and for about half an hour, we all wondered about the threat of a tsunami. It left me (and about everyone else I know here) with some serious reflections on 72 hour kits. Here they are: (more…)

Ruth May Fox diary excerpts 1897-1900

By: J. Stapley - October 02, 2006

In July, I posted several excerpts from Ruth May Foxe’s Diary (1). This post continues where that one left off. As mentioned there, Ruth was an ardent suffragist and leader in several civic, political and religious circles. She is perhaps most frequently recognized as being on the board of the Young Ladies Mutual Improvement Association and as its president from 1929 to 1937. Clarifications to her text are added in between [ ] and comments between { }. (more…)