Commenting Policy

As have others before us, Splendid Sun has instated a commenting policy by adopting the perspicuous T&S commenting rules. Splendid Sun further pilfers the bloggernacle by quoting Dave’s first three policy summarizations and accepting them as our own:

1. Summarizing the T&S list: No personal insults, no ads or plugs, no libel or defamation, no copyright violations.

2. Only tasteful profanity allowed. I see that as a fairly small subset of the total universe of profanity.

3. No mudslinging. “I disagree” is fine. “I think you are totally, 100% wrong” is okay. “I think you are a stupid idiot” is not. First, anyone smart enough to find DMI is almost certainly not a stupid idiot. Second, if you’re bright enough to blog, you can certainly find a better way to make your point.